Arthroscopy: The Key to Your Knee Surgery and Other Same-Day Procedures

Arthroscopy is a common procedure in which a joint is viewed using a telescopic lens inserted into the joint space through a small incision. The telescopic lens has a camera attached to it externally. Using smaller incisions can reduce the amount of time you need to recover from your surgery.

At Advanced Surgical Institute, doctors use arthroscopy during ankle, shoulder and knee surgeries. Doctors use the camera attached to the arthroscope’s telescopic lens to see the internal structures of your joint and to either remove or repair the damaged part.

During arthroscopic surgery:

  • The doctor uses images from the inserted lens to examine the condition of your joint.
  • Then the doctor will use the images from the telescopic lens to guide the repair of the joint.
  • To repair the joint, the doctor inserts tiny surgical instruments through another small incision near the joint.

Procedures using arthroscopy at Advanced Surgical Institute include:

  • Knee surgery for ACL Reconstruction or for Meniscal repair,
  • Shoulder surgery for Rotator Cuff repair or for SLAP Lesion repair.
  • Ankle surgery to repair damaged cartilage