Orthopedics is a broad term used to describe treatments or surgeries involving muscles, tendons and bones. It can also involve releasing pressure on nerves as in release of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Injuries may or may not be related to activities involving sports, they may be related to injuries incurred while working, or they may be the result of trauma in some way. Orthopedics also involves the treatment and or correction of congenital defects thus enabling the person or child to have a more normal daily life.

Many Orthopedic Surgeons perform surgeries on all of the structures above. Usually they are referred to as General Orthopedists. They do not restrict their practice to any one area. Some Orthopedic surgeons perform surgery on only one or two of the systems listed and they are referred to as Specialists in their area. Lastly, some Orthopedic Surgeons restrict their practice to treating injuries sustained in sports activities and they are said to be Sports Medicine Practioners.

Orthopedic surgery can and does help in the performance of one’s daily activities. It can help someone have a pain-free existence as is the case in joint replacements. It can also prolong the period of time that a person remains active thus enabling them to be independent longer.

At some time in everyone’s life Orthopedic Surgery may be required, and today it is usually done on an outpatient basis in a less invasive manner. That is why we have the newest equipment and state of the art operating rooms here at Advanced Surgical Institute. Your entire experience will be tailored around your needs and your desire to return to an active state as quickly as possible, with as little discomfort as possible.