After Surgery

Recuperating from Your Same-Day Surgery at Advanced Surgical Institute

Here’s what to expect after your surgery at Advanced Surgical Institute:

Immediately after surgery:

  • You will spend time in our center’s recovery area, where the nursing staff will care for you until you are ready to leave.
  • A family member or friend is welcome to sit with you in the recovery center.

During the first 24 hours after surgery

  • You should relax and let your responsible adult caregiver take care of you. Recovery is always quicker if you rest for a solid block of time after surgery. You should allow yourself to sit and be pampered for the day.
  • You should follow any specific instructions from your surgeon or nurse.
  • You should call your surgeon directly if you have any unusual symptoms or changes in your condition that you did not expect.

What NOT to do 24 hours after Surgery

Anesthesia can linger in your system for a day or more. As a result, you may not have complete command of your abilities, even though you may feel fine.

Because of this possible impairment, it’s very important that for the first 24 hours after surgery you:

  • Do not drive or operate heavy equipment
  • Do not take any medication without your surgeon’s approval
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages
  • Do not sign legal documents