An Advanced Facility for Same-Day Gastroenterology Surgery

Advanced Surgical Institute is South Jersey’s best choice for same-day gastrointestinal procedures. Why come to our center for your colonoscopy or upper gastrointestinal endoscopy exams?

  • Our affiliated GI doctors are constantly ranked among the top specialists in the area.
  • A nursing support staff that is well educated and experienced will attend you. The nursing staff’s years of experience?
    • 15 to 20 years among operating room nurses
    • 10 to 15 years among recovery room nurses
  • Our facility features the most modern equipment available on the market. We update the equipment every three years.
  • Your doctor will operate on you using the best scopes and best high definition video equipment on the market.

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A Colonoscopy allows a your doctor to look inside the large intestine to detect colon cancer and diagnose many other diseases and conditions.

Upper Endoscopy

An Upper Endoscopy allows your doctor to look inside the upper digestive system to detect ulcers, abnormal growths, bleeding, and problems like Gastritis and Celiac Disease.